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Hello!  Welcome to my website!  I am Anne-Marie Rossmeisl and I am a consulting chemist specializing in radioiodination techniques and subsequent HPLC purification procedures. I was a chemist at Dupont for 14 years in their Radioiodination Dept. primarily doing Custom Synthesis work for various pharmaceutical customers.  After being out of the workforce for 15 years, (stay-at-home Mom!) I decided to get back into chemistry by starting my own consulting business lending my expertise to potential clients who need assistance with their chemistry questions/issues.  Please consider me if you need support and consultation on a particular project.  My primary field of expertise is Radioiodination Techniques, however, I can also assist with Internet searches, Literature searches, review research plans and protocols, give editorial advice on technical data and perform technical report writing.  I can also solve technical problems with reactions, purifications and analytical procedures whether it be for manufacturing or QC.  In addition, I can be of assistance with streamlining SOP's.  I have knowledge of ISO9000 standards.  I am also knowledgable in biology, biochemistry and radiation safety, specifically in handling 125-I and 131-I.  See below for more information about me through associations and social media.  Please contact and/or send me an e-mail (scroll to bottom) with any inquiries or questions.  I look forward to assisting you with your chemistry needs and consulting on your project!

AM Rossmeisl Consulting

Pelham, New Hampshire


Anne-Marie Rossmeisl

Consulting Chemist





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